Power Steering

Power steering is also part of this EV conversion project and I was looking for some time through feasible options from direct electric power steering like in Honda S2000 to traditional hydraulic pump driven by some electric motor. I decided to use the electric power steering pump from Peugeot 307 or Citroen C4. These are integrated motor-pump units. In essence you have to connect it to 12V on one end and hydraulic hoses to the other.
I connected this unit to my Honda's stock power steering column using Honda's own old high pressure hoses. Of course the hose mating adapters needed to be manufactured as all the dimensions of Honda and Peugeot don't match. My friend Gytis helped in it.
The electric connectivity is slightly more complicated than just connecting to 12V. This is because the pump is quite intelligent beast made by Siemens. It has two connectors: 2 thick pins connector (ground and 12V battery - no brain needed here), other is 9 pins connector which was a bit more of fun. If you just connect +12V battery on 2 pin connector nothing happens, and pump does not start. It surely waits for some signals on another 9 pin connector.
After looking through all info I could find on Peugeot on Google I found next to nothing of something useful how these pins are used. I only found that one red wire (5) goes to ignition switch, other two blue (1) and beige (6) to main control block under steering wheel, then other red  (4) goes to ABS, other beige (9) goes to block BSI which is controlling the engine and the last white is diagnostic. No info about how are these signals are behaving. In essence this power steering pump is able to adjust its power in reaction to what steering wheel and ABS do but no info how.
So I've done some experimenting with the pump I found that to start you need to connect and keep connected +12V to ignition (5) and make a short +12V pulse on pump enable (9). Then the pump just runs at full power continuously. It is ok for me as Honda's stock hydraulic power steering also operates at full power when engine is running.
So to make long story short to use Peugeot 307 power steering pump you need to connect it's fat 2-pin connector's pin 1 to 12V battery +, pin 2 to 12V battery - (chassis) and 9 pin connector's pins 5 and 9 tied together car's to ignition key's wire Ign1 which becomes +12V when key is turned to "On" position. This way the pump runs when you need it.
Below are some bad quality mobile photos of the pump itself and manufacturing of it's top mounting bar and lower holding arm.

After putting everything together I got nice and smooth power steering feel of the steering wheel.
Mission accomplished.