Electric car is finished, final touches and bureaucracy left

Well, I can say that my electric car conversion is finished. It is running fine, controller working well, BMS managing the batteries during charge well, display showing main car and batteries parameters on touchscreen, stock RPM, fuel and temperature gauges on stock dashboard show meaningful values, drive-testing does not show any more quirks to be fixed. There are cosmetic touches left to be done here and there. They would be done during the preparation for this car presentation to the public on May 11th. This is the main activity now. Of course there is no limit to perfection but I'll need to stop myself at some point of "good enough". When car is prepared for presentation I'll make a video of it from all possible aspects I will think of. Until then I would ask for your patience and staying tuned.
Oh, yeah, another important thing after presentation is to go through bureaucracy to get finally registered as roadworthy electric car. This part could be interesting. I think it would be still the first one converted in Lithuania regardless of these big delays I had.