Video of driving 3E - Electric Honda HR-V

I have recently posted a video of driving my EV on YouTube. Put some music on it from local electronic music band "Mind Engineers" . Enjoy.

I am still working to make the car street legal. We had preliminary inspection with transportation experts and agreed on several main points to be done before final certification:
- Emergency disconnect "Red Button"
- Comparing information of cabin air heater element, brake booster and power steering between original components and new replacements
- Protection cover of power cables underneath the car from physical damage (stones, etc.)
- Marking on high voltage cables with with bright colour (orange or similar)
- Informing driver by sound if he's leaving a drive-active car
- Safety procedures modification for starting and running the car in accordance to EN-1987 standards
- Check the charging connector for compliance to EN IEC-62196
- Preparation of technical documentation of the modification
- Some other smaller ones

As I am the first one to go through such certification in my country it is a bit of learning curve for all of us. But I work with people who have good willing approach and we are gradually solving the problems in our way.
So I am quite busy to finalise these things and finaly get my car certified. I will update the blog with new posts of modifications as I go.