Video of driving 3E - Electric Honda HR-V

I have recently posted a video of driving my EV on YouTube. Put some music on it from local electronic music band "Mind Engineers" . Enjoy.

I am still working to make the car street legal. We had preliminary inspection with transportation experts and agreed on several main points to be done before final certification:
- Emergency disconnect "Red Button"
- Comparing information of cabin air heater element, brake booster and power steering between original components and new replacements
- Protection cover of power cables underneath the car from physical damage (stones, etc.)
- Marking on high voltage cables with with bright colour (orange or similar)
- Informing driver by sound if he's leaving a drive-active car
- Safety procedures modification for starting and running the car in accordance to EN-1987 standards
- Check the charging connector for compliance to EN IEC-62196
- Preparation of technical documentation of the modification
- Some other smaller ones

As I am the first one to go through such certification in my country it is a bit of learning curve for all of us. But I work with people who have good willing approach and we are gradually solving the problems in our way.
So I am quite busy to finalise these things and finaly get my car certified. I will update the blog with new posts of modifications as I go.


  1. One sweet video! Was really looking forward to seeing 3E in action. Really nice acceleration!
    Planing to drive it in winter also? Have had any problems with any of the batteries? Looks like the BMS is working nice.

  2. Very clean and well thought out layout under the hood. so many ev's have wires floating all over the place, asking for trouble.