Electromagnetic disturbances tests passed!

I have been working on paperwork to get my EV street legal recently. One of important tests required by state transport inspection is to pass required electromagnetic disturbances test in accordance to European Economic Comission (EEC) Regulation 10. Specifically relevant requirements are stated in sections 6.2 and 6.3 of this regulation.
The test was conducted by local state Communications Regulatory Authority. The tests done according to ENECE Addendum 9 to the 1958 Agreement E/ECE/324, E/ECE/TRANS/505: Regulation No. 10 - Revision 3.

Both narrowband and wideband tests Passed!

Now I am working with state transport inspectorate to complete the inspection of vehicle and register it as street legal electric car.


  1. Paperwork can be bit of a pain in all the wrong places. Looks like shielding/boxing all electric equipment sure paid off.

    Im sure not even all ICE driven cars would pass electromagnetic disturbances test, and most of the annoying mopeds would certainly fail.

    Make some videos please!

  2. Yes, there was considerable effort to contain EMI within lowest boundaries possible and as I can see now it was worth it.
    I'll try to find the slot in the schedule to produce the video of the car but ideally it should happen after I make it street legal. It might happen until the end of July! That's my goal. People at inspectorate are helpful and I am optimistic about it.