3E - Ecologic, Economic, Electric; electric Honda HR-V in exhibition

I had 2 busy weeks lately: first - preparation for showing the car on exhibition BaltTechnika 2010, second - participation in exhibition itself. My friend Marius, professional designer, has prepared the design for the car and materials for exhibition. During that the new name for this car has developed - 3E - Ecologic, Economic, Electric which has become a logo of this car. So my working project name "HR-EV" is now 3E.
New web site has started http://www.emobilis.lt/ for the car and activity which is just basic info about the car and the controller for it which is named EVMS - Electric Vehicle Management System. This is the name for the development the management system which previously called BCMS (until I included the motor controller in it as well). Info in lithuanian was put first.
The exhibition was quite successful with a lot of attention from visitors and media. This might inspire further development of the product or some more EV conversions in our country.
Here are some photos from Exhibition.

Some more photos of the car outside:

The photos of components arrangement inside:

And here are some pictures of EVMS (Controller, BMS, safety systems in one) touchscreen display which is implemented on Windows mobile device Ipaq hx4700.
The display graphical user interface software is flexible so it can be arranged in many different pages with different indicators on each page showing the parameters sent from main controller module. The layout, indicators, colours, graphics can be adjusted to liking and match the interior of the car.
Here is the Main page showing battery voltage, current, power, energy, momentary and average consumption, distance traveled today and estimated distance left.

Here is the battery cells status screen showing voltage, temperature and balancing voltage of each cell plus average and total voltage of all cells.

Here is the consumption screen showing battery charge, estimated distance left, distance, energy consumption of this trip and today plus average and momentary consumption.

Here is the screen voltages. It shows voltage, current and power of main battery, motor and 12V battery plus position of accelerator pedal at the bottom.

This Charging screen shows charging stage. It shows voltage, current and power set for charger and actual. It also shows cells minimum, average and maximum voltages. Two buttons at the bottom allow you to select the charging rate: slow for 220V/10A socket and fast for 220V/16A socket.

Here is Temperatures screen which shows temperatures of controller (IGBTs power stage), motor, battery minimum and maximum, interior and exterior.

And lastly the main menu which allows to select you the information page you want. The time on stock car clock is wrong as I forgot to set it right :). Note the small card at bottom left? That is the SD card which carries the screen configuration and recorded parameters log files. It records the files constantly producing one file per day.

Here is a short movie of display in action:

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  1. Clean, well designed and completed with fresh branding. Looks like this project has outgrown the amateur garden and is ready for a commercial one.
    Good to see the "electric brake" growing up too :)

    Even the gas gage is back in use. Excellent throughout!