3E is Street Legal!

I am happy to announce that my 3E, electric Honda HR-V is street legal!
It is the first converted street legal electric vehicle in Lithuania. And I'm proud of it.
The process was challenging and quite work consuming but I was working with good willing people from different institutions and we together were turning problems into solutions. Big thanks to them.
One of the results is 118 pages long technical documentation of converted vehicle containing lots of photos, diagrams and tables with the emphasis on compliance to EU standards for electric vehicles. I believe this work will help other EV builders in Lithuania to make the process much simpler.

Now I'm preparing for CO2 Green Drive initiative show which will happen in Vilnius on October 23rd. My 3E will be among other participants which can be seen here http://www.vilniusco2.lt/en/cars/

I'll put more info about CO2 Green Drive and details of recent work that was done on the car to make it finally street legal EV.