Battery Boxes Nearly Finished; PCBs, Components and Charger Arrived

I've done several things since last update. None of them are finished yet but the goal is getting closer and closer.
Metal works on battery boxes are finished. Boxes and their metal retainer parts are welded, grinded and sanded to the final look. Here is the photo of them stacked together as they would be placed under the car. Only plastic battery retainers and covers left to do before putting the batteries in.

I received manufactured PCBs of my battery modules. The quality is good and boards look nice.

I placed them on the batteries in one box to see how it would look just for fun.

I also received a package of ordered SMD components for my modules - almost 800 items. It would be interesting experience to manufacture 45 boards :) So far I had time just to solder essential components to start the module working. You can see the LED lit on the center of the board that is controlled by ATtiny25V microcontroller which is placed on the center of other side of PCB. It now just runs basic test controlling the shunting current running through two big white 5W resistors. It controls the current using PWM signal switching the big black MOSFET. With 4V voltage shunting current can reach up to 1,7A and resistors get so hot that it is just bearable to touch them with the finger. With this voltage they can dissipate up to 7W of power but I think I'll use about half of that and will have longer balancing stage when charging.

I also received the charger from China. I like the quality and the look. I like that it is sealed it does not have any fans - no worries about moisture and dust getting inside. It came with AC socket and European AC cable. It has couple of meters of thick cable that should go to the batteries on the other side. It also came with CAN bus interface adapter - small black box with white label. I asked for this model because my BCMS will be able to control the charging voltage and current through all charging stages and also receive the status from the charger - cool. Of course I'll have to implement the CAN interface electronics and software of my BCMS. But that is worth it as at the end I will have a well-integrated flexible BMS system.

I also started discussion with local transport inspection and transport experts company regarding registration of my EV to make it street legal. They said they don't have any paperwork prepared yet and I would be the first to do it in Lithuania. So I'll have to work with them to prepare the technical requirements for registration and then arrange my EV inspection according to these requirements. It means more paperwork for me and I would need to push the process forward but I will be able to influence the requirements to better suit my own needs and possibly make them good for other EV converters here. So I reckon it's not that bad.
There are many things waiting to be done but step by step I'm slowly doing them to get closer to the goal.


  1. 800 items... once completed this is where you apply: http:www.vimeo.com/1437538?pg=embed&sec=1437538

  2. I am interested in your BMS. Can you email me marshallreeves+ev@gmail.com

  3. Hi

    I am planing to convert my reanult 4 as a first ever convertet renault 4. So I was wattching all your movies. I even saw you page and BMS for sale. I am planing to buy that because it has android app to managae all data. Excellent idea. I have been wondering what is the model of this charger. I am planing to hsve 10kWh batteries at 96 or 144V I havent decided yet.