Starting my HR-V to HR-EV conversion blog

This is my first entry to log my experiences on conversion of Honda HR-V to electric vehicle. I've decided to do it since my current Subaru is quite old and I want my next car to be electric. There are no affordable electric cars available yet so I've decided to do my own conversion in similar way as many people around the world already done. In the beginning I estimated this conversion to take about 3 months but now I see it would take much longer since I decided to take more expensive components than initially thought and that makes funding the project stretched longer in time.

It is nice golden yellow 3-door 4WD SUV

I like the look from the back too

The hood opened before starting to take all unneeded mechanical parts

At this moment I have following components:
Donor car: Honda HR-V '99 4WD
Controller: Kelly KDH16501
DC-DC converter: Kelly 144V to 13.8V, 25A
Throttle: Kelly hall throttle pedal 0-5V
Contactors: Kelly 400A
Shunt: 500A 50mV
Instrument: Westach ammeter

Motor: NetGain Warp 9
Vacuum pump: Mes-Dea

Need to decide and order:
Batteries: most likely TS LiFePO4
Battery charger: haven't decided
BMS: will make my own...
Car management system / instruments: will make my own integrated to BMS...

Work done:
Not much yet. Bought the donor car, started stripping it down, bought some components. More information on progress should come in next posts as I make bigger steps.


  1. Nice. Please put some pics up

  2. Fair enough. I've added few pics now. Some videos are on the way but I keep my focus on production now so photo and video footage is lagging behind. I'll update more as I go.

  3. Hi Mindaugas, well done so far! Great conversion :-)
    Where have you bought your parts and what have you payed for the items?
    My conversion is running. Take a look, if you want: http://e-vw.blogspot.com/ (german language)
    Greetings from Germany.