Motor arrived and works started, BMS prototype in progress

My Warp 9 motor arrived in November - heavy beast. I've taken the ICE out from Honda. The gearbox and Warp9 were taken to metal workshop to produce the adapter plate with perfect center alignment. Adapter plate will be produced from 12mm aluminum sheet with the 30mm spacer for the motor flange. No clutch. Shaft adapter will be done from original clutch disk part bolted on steel disk mounted on Warp9 shaft.

As told earlier I will make my own integrated Battery management and Car management system with instruments. So far made following progress on it:
  • Battery Module prototype made and programmed.Tests ongoing on model Lithium Polymer batteries. It is nicely balancing the 3-cell pack controlled by PC software via serial link. One module schematic is shown here:It is derived from a nice project being developed by Peter Perkins at http://www.batteryvehiclesociety.org.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1245 .
  • Once I finish testing I'll design and order PCBs along with all electronic parts needed for them.
  • Master module prototyping started with real-time OS launched. Comms and several sensors tested. The core system will be based on ATmega 640 microcontroller. Interface will be provided on Pocket PC display running the GUI software which communicates to master module and displays graphical result. The screen will be integrated in the dashboard to blend into interior design.
  • Ordered more sensors chips to have various measurement inputs.
45 TS 90AH batteries were ordered and sailing to me.

Equipment arrived since last post:
Motor: NetGain Warp 9
BMS: various chips and sensors

Batteries: 45 Thundersky 90Ah LiFePO4s
Vacuum pump: Mes-Dea ( haven't arrive yet)
BCMS: various sensors

Need to decide and order:
Battery charger: haven't decided yet
BCMS: haven't decided which cheap Pocket PC to take as a basis for dashboard screen
Power steering: would like to find an electric steering actuator similar to used in MGs

Work done:
ICE taken out. Warp9 adapter plate started. BMS battery module schematics design and programming almost finished. BCMS design guidelines decided. BCMS master module prototype started. Simple PC software for managing batteries made.

To-Do list: (Long... but main things are generaly listed in no particular order. Later smaller subtasks would be put in detail)
  • Install the gearbox and motor when adapter plate finished
  • Make battery boxes once batteries arrive
  • Design the platform for controller and electronics installation
  • Decide about charger ( might design my own 2kW charger...)
  • Finish BMS battery modules design and order PCBs and components, build the modules
  • Make a BCMS master prototype to perform basic functions to make a first drive-test safe for me and for equipment
  • Design and laydown all the power and signaling cabling in the car
  • Make a dashboard design change to integrate the BCMS Pocket PC screen
  • Develop a software for Pocket PC to indicate main parameters
  • Build a cabin heater
  • Build power brakes system
  • Decide upon and build a power steering system

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