Adapter and BCMS works ongoing

The gearbox adapter production is in progress although not as fast as I would have liked. The gearbox plate was cut to gearbox contour with UHP water cutter. Spacer produced on lathe. Adapter disk production is on final. The gearbox was brought to workshop for all parts mating. Sorry - no pictures yet. I hope I'll collect it before Christmas and install motor straight after Christmas.
I was fighting with BCMS Atmega640 over the weekend and could not get it running stable - it was driving me nuts. And yesterday night I just came with fresh view and approached the problem from different angle. I found the root cause which was quite silly that I don't want to talk about. I should get it running OS performing basic comm tasks in few days now. I'd like to get it talking to my battery modules prototypes and to PC. Then I'll focus on building the main contactor control, temperature, voltage and current measurement circuits as these would be required soonest to measure main parameters for safe testing.


  1. More pictures would be a bonus

  2. Will be - when I get the adapter parts from workshop.