Motor adapter and BMS works ongoing

Last few days been involved in other activities and little time was left for the EV project. Anyway I had time to arrange all activities for gearbox adapter and shaft coupler. I've purchased the materials and brought them to workshops. Realistic timing is to have the parts made for the beginning of next week.
There was some progress on Battery Module PCB design. I've made it to the point where it is nearly finished and I could finalize it and send the design files to PCB manufacturers. But I've decided to wait until my batteries arrive and make a final fit check on actual cell before ordering PCBs production. My batteries are still sailing to me and according to the documents I should expect them around December 26th.
So far my nearly finished design is shown below. Just top copper is shown for clarity.

For now I'll put it asside and will resume work on master module on recently received ATmega640 MCU and various sensors. I've decided that I won't produce any PCB for master until I have fully functioning prototype working in the car. Only then I'll produce the PCB mostly with SMD components for the car computer.
Below is the initial board with MCU on adapter board. It will start growing with various components around it quickly and and I'll adapt the Real-Time Operating Systerm (RTOS) for it as I did for ATmega16.


  1. what software you use to draw these drawings?

  2. I was using Proteus for them. This design is actually quite lousy and I've improved it a lot later on.