More progress on battery module

Battery module design is being finalized with additional details for final production which were not needed in prototypes. Added the parts such as optional pulldown resistors, optional shunt LED, optional optocouplers and connector for master. Few minor changes still remaining but it is almost there and PCB design is half-finished.
If someone's watching this blog I know they'll have questions about two serial connectors and optocouplers. So I'll explain it now.
Two serial connectors are designed in such a way that wiring the the boards should be easy with single short wire going from cell to cell. You'll get the idea when I finish and post PCB design.
Optocouplers are not needed on all cells except the lowest and the highert in the chain. The lowest cell (the one having minus terminal running to the controller) will have the board with U2 optocoupler and J2 connector for serial input. The highest cell (with plus to controller) will have U3 uptocoupler and J2 connector for serial output. This saves the cost by needing just one PCB design and fewer components on it and the area of the PCB as connector J2 is shared.


  1. Nice electronics work. Start looking into controller design as well because kelly isn't going to cut the mustard :)

  2. That idea is hanging in my mind although I'm trying to control the scope now. If Kelly will not perform I'll either send it back for warranty or slice it for making it's schematic improvement.