Motor adapter design homework

After disappointment with quoted workshop all-inclusive services price I took the adapter production process control to myself. I've disassembled the clutch by taking the outer friction disk off and grinding off the pins holding three metal pieces together. You can see the angle grinder marks around these holes.

These three pieces will be bolted with M8 bolts to the Warp 9 shaft adapter steel disk which will be manufactured in different workshop according to my drawing.

The whole assembly will look like this:

The two simplified clutch parts are yellow with orange spacers keeping them apart. They are bolted by four M8 bolts to the green shaft adapter disk.
The light blue are the motor-gearbox adapter plates. The thinner one is 16mm durable aluminum that bolts to the gearbox following its contour. The thicker one is the 25mm spacer disc to provide required spacing between my HR-V's gearbox shaft (purple) and Warp 9 shaft (red). The thicker one is quite simple round disk part and I've prepared the engineering drawing for its manufacture.
The thinner one must follow the contour of gearbox so I have to prepare a template for it.

Template was taken by putting the A2 size thick white sheet of drawing paper on the gearbox, making the guide holes so it does not move and then hammering on the edges with a rubber mallet so it left clear imprint of edges. As you can see the gearbox is still unwashed and it left clearly visible marks on the paper. I've then drawn the required plate contour along these edges making clear where will I need the cut. I've also marked 18cm opening in the center around shaft position. I've tried to make quite precise but the precise location is not of high importance as it would be corrected after motor and gearbox shafts center alignment. And I've got a bit dirty but clear template for adapter plate.

Next I'll take the required materials from supplier and bring these pieces along with drawings and templates to various workshops for manufacture. The gearbox adapter plate will be likely cut with UHP water jet cutter. Other parts are easily done on lathe bench.
If I'm lucky I might be able to collect all manufactured pieces this week and start motor installation on the weekend.

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  1. Extremely professionally done.
    Maybe this would be an option:
    Springs might be better than rubber or plastic shock absorbers. Show us your warp :)