Electric vehicle brake arrived!

It's been a while since my last post about HR-V conversion and have you been questioning why? It is because the "Electric vehicle brake" has arrived on Feb 21st. The brake is 53cm long and 3.56kg heavy :)

That's right- I have a firstborn child, a boy whose name is Herkus!

Here is my son Herkus first days of his life in this world.

Here is Herkus and me. No, I'm not Chinese - it is less sleep that I got during these days.

He is an EV brake but he is not an EV stopper and I believe the day will come when he will be an EV accelerator. I continue working on EV although naturally the speed is less with the brake on :)
I've done good progress on several things, which I will post more pictures and detail in new posts shortly:
- Battery Voltage and Current measurement circuit is made and programmed which is communicating to BCMS master module to report measured voltages and currents. Voltage measurement step is 0.2V up to 204V. Current is measured up to 512A with 0.5A steps.
- Made measurements and brainstorming about battery placement in the car. Decided to put all batteries in 5 trays with 9 cells each where the fuel tank used to be - plenty of space there in HR-V. The trays will be fit from below so car lift would be needed. Made one battery tray frame from stainless steel angles to verify the concept.
- Designed the box where controller, contactor, accessory charger, shunt, accelerator pot and other electronics components will be placed securely and safely without any potential of high and low voltages to be touched by water or uncareful hands. Already built the main parts of the box and ready to place the components in. Now working to finish the controller box and start fitting the components inside.
- As Gytis has moved from his garage I now continue working in my small garage below my apartment block. It is small, much less equiped but is much easier to come down to work in the evenings.

Will put more info and pictures in upcomming posts. Stay tuned!


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  2. Congrats! I was there just 8 months ago, 1 month after starting my conversion. Best thing in the world!

  3. Thats some progress :) Congrats!
    Yes, please do post more pics