Batteries are home!

Long waiting is over - batteries arrived to where they belong :) I've received 45 TS-LFP90AHA batteries for my HR-EV after more than two months waiting. They've been sailing from Shenzhen in China to Hamburg in Germany and then to Klaipeda in Lithuania - a long trip.
I've taken them from warehouse after customs clearance in my trusty Subaru.

Shortly after I've opened the boxes to see what's inside. I found nicely printed manual and quality certificate. Quality certificate has lots of useful information in Chinese :) User nice manual was the same as pdf available from ThunderSky site. Beneath white cover I found a surprise - batteries :).

Here's a video shot from breathtaking moment :-D

The look at the battery itself.

All the batteries read voltage of 3.30V or 3.31V - GOOD!

The road to the future :)

While I was waiting for the batteries I've been working a lot on BCMS prototype electronics and programming. Here's a brief update about the progress:
- RealTime OS launched on ATmega640
- Serial communications programming wired and programmed - talking to PC now
- Connected to battery modules (at bottom) via opto-coupled serial port and launched battery voltages reading for BMS operation. It ballances Lithium Polymer cells within 0.02V of each other.
- Wired and programmed MLX90215 sensor (small board assembled on the left) so I can measure current of up to 10 Amps to test the concept. The finished sensor will be able to measure up to 700A from batteries and to the motor.
- Wired a contactor control circuit (simple IRL3705 MOSFET switch) and programmed its control
- Wired and programmed 12V line voltage measurement using mega's ADC
- Wired and programmed DS18B20 sensors for BCMS, Controller, Motor, Outside, Inside and Batteries temperature sensing.
- Started wiring a slot for SD/MMC card where the HR-EV's parameters log would be stored
- Some small stuff...

There are many things left to do on electronics until I start the first test of the car:
- Finalize battery module schematics, programming and PCB design, try final prototype on real battery and then order parts and PCBs
- Make schematics/wiring and programming of opto-isolated battery voltage measurement
- Make motor RPM sensor using MLX90217, wire it and program RPM calculation
- Wire gearbox speed sensor and program the speed calculation
- Make throttle sensing and control schematic and programming
- Wire digital inputs like key switch, charger on, throttle idle, gearbox neutral etc.
- Program the safety and control. Basically it should shut off main contactor if any important parameter goes critically off.

Well, there is much much more. One thing - I still haven't got the charger. In the beginning I thought about Zivan NG3 but now I'm not so sure. Still have to decide... and order it.

Of course there are lots of mechanics works to do as well. I'll update as I progress.


  1. Good update and nice progress. Any chance you could post a current totals of component and other costs.

  2. Congrats on getting the cells in. This was a highlight when mine arrived too. Figuring out how to fit all of mine was another story :)

  3. Very nice!
    What is the expected range with the 90Ah/144V batteries? Arround 100km or more?
    Perhaps I will buy 30 pcs 100Ah from Thunder Sky but at the moment I'm collecting more information.
    Best regards