Motor installed, HR-EV has made her first run!

The end of 2008 was really busy working on my HR-EV. I've reached one major milestone of the project! But let's go in sequence.
I picked up the shaft coupler disk and spacers from workshop where they've been thermally hardened.
I've marked the spots for two fixing nuts on motor's shaft and drilled two dimples on both sides where the coupler disk's fixing bolts would sit in.
Next we put adapter plate spacer disk on the motor and pressed on the shaft adapter disk onto Warp9's motor shaft. We used 20-ton garage press to press it on. It was going stiffly but smoothly - it wouldn't go anywhere. Below Gytis is happy with the result :)

Here is the closer view

Then I assembled the shaft coupler on it and locked the coupler disk on motor's shaft with two hex fixing bolts. I used thread locking glue to make fixings bear the vibration.

And then I bolted on the gearbox adapter plate using the imperial/metric threaded studs and secured everything with thread locking glue.

A closer view

Then I've put the gearbox on and secured it with the bolts. The shafts and alignment rings fit like a glove without a fight. Phew, what a relief ... :)

Then my photo camera battery died and I used the video camera to shoot the further process. On this occasion I've compiled a small video from latest material together with some old video footage from the progress on HR-EV. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words then video should be worth a million. This is my first published video for this project. Have fun :)

In short later that night I've installed motor and gearbox in Honda and did the trial again using battery charger.
Then next day I took 100Ah 12V lead acid deep cycle battery and put it in HR-EV. I've wired it to motor via contactor relay. The relay is activated with simple pushbutton switch pressed by the driver :) No controller yet. This allowed to make the first ride in HR-EV and it will be used to drive the car into garage on its own power when needed. This is because Gytis' garage has to earn money working on other customers cars while HR-EV is an after-work hobby activity slotting in when car lift is free, etc.
And of course this allowed to have some taste of EV grin :)
This is quite symbolic as it was done on the last day of 2008 and I have had really nice feeling meeting the new year.

Happy New 2009 Year to All!

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  1. Happy New year :) that made my day. Engine bay looks so empty. You used 20-ton garage press - man I hope you don't have to take that thing apart ever.
    EV grin hahaha. Its so nice when you have proper tools and the know-how.
    Congrats on your success.