Intermediate Shaft Holder

HR-V's ICE engine had a fastening place where the front left driveshaft's intermediate shaft was attached to with three bolts making sure that intermediate shaft sits firmly in it's place in gearbox and is in steady position at the junction with front left driveshaft.

As the ICE is gone this intermediate shaft did not have its attachments position so it had to be manufactured. I took 2mm steel sheet and welded a sort of box with on side concave following Warp 9's contour and the other side flat with three M10 bolts welded in for intermediate shaft bracket attachment.

On concave side there is one hole. This hole is used to firmly attach the holder to the Warp's 5/8" lift eye-hole with one bolt

 I painted the part with hammered-black Hammerite, let it dry for a day and attached to the motor and intermediate shaft.

Now this intermediate shaft is not going anywhere.


  1. Even with the drawings/pics I still didn't get what this was for.

  2. I'll post some pic from beneath the car - then it will be easier to understand. FW drive cars with similar gearbox placement need such intermediate shaft. Honda's setup requires this shaft to be fastened to the motor.

  3. I might be closer to figuring what that is.


    Although I cant see it well, at 0:34 he talks about the drive shaft support.

  4. Yes, that's basically the same thing. This intermediate shaft is needed because gearbox is not in the center so one drive shaft needs some extension to reach the left wheel while on oposite side driveshaft goes directly from gearbox to the wheel.