Rack for Control Box and Charger

Behind the scenes  I was doing occasional test drives of my HR-EV for last few weeks. I don't have video of myself but I have video of my wife's EV-grin when she was first driving it which I'll edit and post it at some near time.
Testing was involving a lot of wiring and parameter tweaking to make more and more features of BCMS and car working. For temporary drives I placed control box on two wooden blocks across longerons of the car which worked quite ok but I don't have the photo of them - sorry :) Then I got to the point when I needed to have control box and charger fixed under the hood firmly for longer drives.
To fix control box and charger firmly I designed and built the rack from stainless steel square tubes. I didn't prepare any drawings or sketches for it since it seemed to be quite trivial task from design point of view.
The rack is basically two 30x20x2 stainless steel tubes across car's longerons connected with two bars and fastening loops for bolts at the end to fix it to the longerons. I used 3 stock bolt places on the car's body for fastening the rack and I had to weld in the fourth nut place where no other suitable option was possible. I drilled and welded in 8 bolts for places where Control box and charger will be fixed
The rack came out quite nice. Here are some photos of it.

The control box is almost finished. Next I'll need to make a cover for it. As you can see at the bottom on the sides are two bars with bolt holes for fastening control box to the rack.

The end of the box has all the connectors and cables. I can disconnect all the cables and take the box out for maintenance of itself or the motor underneath.

Here is the picture of rack placed with charger on it.

And here is the rack with control box on it. Of course control box and charger will normally sit together.

The whole construction came out sturdy but at the same time easily dismantable if maintenance would be needed. The intervention into chassis structure is minimum.

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